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Dog food company recalls second and third products for Salmonella

Author: DAVID J. NEALDate:2018-04-20

What are Some Signs that a Cat is Sick?

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2018-02-27
As cats' caring and responsible owners, they rely on us to recognize changes in their behavior and any symptoms they can exhibit and get them the help that they need. Contact us at 972-644-9397 to know more.

Signs of Lyme Disease

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2018-01-26
Read about the signs, symptoms, treatment and prevention of Lyme Disease by Animal Medical Center of Richardson. Contact us at 972-644-9397 for further advice.

Why is My Pet Peeing Indoors Again?

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-12-27
Know why your furry friend keeps on peeing indoors and the guidelines on how to teach your pet the correct toileting behavior by Animal Medical Center of Richardson.

Cat Urinary Issues

Author:Animal Medical Center of Richardson Date:2017-11-27
Learn about your cat's urinary issues and the guidelines for treatment by Animal Medical Center of Richardson.

Preventing Pet Obesity

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-10-25
Learn on how to prevent your pet from being obese by Animal Medical Center of Richardson. Contact us today for more details.

How to Teach your Older Dog to Be Social

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-09-25
Learn more about the ways to teach your dogs on how to be social. Contact 972-644-9397 for information.

Tips for Saving your Dog’s Teeth

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-08-25
Teeth are important than you think. Do you want your dog's teeth to last longer? Read more about the tips on how to keep your canine's teeth clean and strong.

Most Common Dangers for Pets During the Summer

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-07-27
Summertime is a fun time to enjoy the outdoors with your pets, but unfortunately, it can also bring added dangers. Learn more on ways to keep your pet safe from summer dangers.

What is Pet Insurance?

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-06-27
Insurance has been a hotly debated topic, so we’re going to take a little time today to talk about pet insurance. Learn more about it here.

Choosing A Vet For Dog Boarding

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-05-22
Finding a reputable dog boarder is important to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy while away from you!

How Often Do Dogs Needs Vaccines?

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-04-18
A core component of caring for your dog is ensuring that they are up-to-date with their vaccinations.

Why Your Dog is Constantly Itching

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-03-29
It is a fact that all dogs love a good scratch. However some of time they are scratching because of insect pests or other issues. Here are some reasons why your pet could be abnormally itching.

Why Do Pet's Have Bad Breath?

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2017-02-21
Bad breath among your pet's can be very annoying but can also be an indicator for several other conditions you might not be aware of. Learn more about it here or give us a call at 972-644-9397.

Why You Should Make Spaying/Neutering Your Pet a Priority

Owning a pet takes time and energy, but at the top of your list should be to get your pet neutered. Find out why here.

Keeping Your Pets Safe This Winter

Your pets health and safety is very important, especially in colder climates. Learn how to keep your pet happy during this winter months!

What To Put In Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

In case of emergency, these are the things that need to be on your pet's first aid kit. Make sure you have them! If you need urgent help, contact us at 972-644-9397 now.

Can Pets Have Allergies?

Allergies can lead to year round suffering for your pet. Find out some of the methods to detect these allergies here!

How to Stop Your Dogs and Cats from Scratching Furniture

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2016-08-25
When it comes to undesirable behaviour in pets, clawing furniture is definitely up there with one of the most annoying. Call 972-992-1900 for more information.

How Do Cats Drink So Elegantly?

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2016-07-25
The way cats drink water comes down to precision, timing and science. If you have any questions, visit our location or give us a call today at 972-992-1900.

Remedies for Bad Breath in Pets

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2016-07-07
Keep your pet's breath smelling great and healthy with these simple pet hygiene tips. To find out more, give us a call at 972-644-9397.

Reasons Your Pet Needs an Annual Check Up

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2016-05-25
Any good veterinarian will suggest that your pet needs an annual check up, read some of the reasons why!

How to find and remove ticks

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2016-04-26
The Animal Medical Center of Richardson wants to help you find and remove harmful ticks from your pet. Read through the full article here.


Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2016-03-28
Learn more about what you should ask kennels before enrolling your pet in their boarding facilities. Contact us at the Animal Medical Center of Richardson with any questions.

How to crate train your dog

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2016-02-26
Get tips from the Animal Medical Center of Richardson and learn how to crate train your dog. After reading our tips feel free to call us with any questions!

What you need to know about the birth of puppies

Author:Animal Medical Center of RichardsonDate:2016-01-22
Be prepared when your dog is about to give birth to puppies!